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Samara & Co is pleased to introduce Bonnetier, a local company that offers 3 categories of products: a collection of merino wool outdoor clothing, virgin wool socks, and their famous "funky t-shirts", soft and cuddly... we really love them! Encouraging companies that make the local economy run smoothly is in our DNA, and that's exactly what Bonnetier does through its manufacturing process, which significantly reduces the ecological footprint of its products.

A home-grown artisanal production

We love the uniqueness of the product thanks to the silkscreen prints that are hand made by the artisans of Bonnetier. Their production is completely artisanal, since all the steps are done by hand and not with the help of an automated mechanism. In addition, they use environmentally friendly water based inks to make their prints, what more can we ask for?

A little background information

But why Bonnetier? It all dates back to the Age of Enlightenment, when the hosier's job was to make socks and hats to sell at the market. This craft, born from the arrival of a new technique for weaving yarn, revolutionized the ways of making clothes. This new technique made it possible to weave the yarn by giving it elasticity, which led to the creation of new products such as the invention of the sock. The choice of the name thus recalls the work of the craftsman and the pride of a job well done, as well as innovation.


Bonnetier uses environmentally friendly materials to offer products made 100% locally. This human-scale, artisanal company focuses its production in real time to avoid accumulating unsold products. A little extra that made the Samara & Co. team crack: their water-based printing made with ecological ink.

40 products found in Bonnetier

Blue Merino wool socks - Men
  • $22.50
Lamb and Merino wool socks in pink - Women
  • $18.50
Chalet Socks - Men
  • $15.99