High Impact Packages

Local and eco-friendly products that have a positive impact on employees, business partners and the environment.

The perfect solution to strengthen the bond with your employees while stressing your commitment towards sustainability.

see a few samples How does it work?

Ready-Made Spring Gift Boxes

We've put together 4 great surprises to offer your employees to build relationships and have fun together!


Positive vibes from beginning to end

Will set up a call with you to immerse ourselves to your corporate values ​​and culture.

The Samara & Co team then goes and selects the best products suited from our curated brands.

We prepare the packages and add a personal note for each one, before delivering to their home.

And just like that, you have been able to strengthen the bond that unites you as a team, all while promoting responsible consumption.

Theme ideas

Themes that create impact

Back to the office
Hybrid work model? Why not focus on team spirit with an inspirational gif box.
Mood Booster
Send a little energy boost, nothing like a freshly roasted local coffee to start the day! And some mid-afternoon sweets to keep you going.
Home office spruce up
A package full of simple but effective items, to create a productive eco-responsible home office.
Take a moment and rejuvenate
Celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how big or small, by treating yourself to a little zen moment in the comfort of your home!

Three easy steps

1. Introduce us to your brand, its values ​​and its culture;

2. We handle the gift box curation, personalization and shipping

3. Watch your company culture flourish by recognizing your employees

I want to make a real impact

Ready to create an impactful gift?

Leave us your details. We will reach out to you within 2 business days.

What else can we say?

Today, on my first day on the job, I found a nice surprise outside my door.
Thank you Agilia Solutions  for the welcome gift, made up of local and responsible products. A great way to feel welcome despite the distance.
Can’t wait to meet the whole team in the coming weeks.


OMG! I haven't even started with my new employer yet and they have already sent me a box full of cool products, not to mention that they are all eco-friendly! I think I made the right choice ;)


I received a surprise box from my employer with locally made and eco-responsible products, it’s not even Christmas! I wasn't expecting this, it feels good! I really had a blissful moment that made me smile for the rest of the day !! Thank you so much. You have your heart in the right place!



Answers to your questions

It’s straight forward, we take care of it all. Leave us with your details here, and we will reach out to you within 2 business days.

- Together, we will discuss your needs and the corporate values ​​you wish to share with your customers or employees.

- We will offer you selections that will respect your budget and make your brand shine

- We offer a design and personalization service for certain promotional products: card, chocolate box, sweaters, caps, etc.

- Finally, we will ship the packages that will create an impact beyond what you can imagine!

Our average gift box is around $90 including shipping.

We're already seeing a few companies that have reiterated by increasing the value of the package, saying that the impact on employee happiness is much greater than the cost.

Our corporate gifts are 100% customizable. What does it mean? We adopt each gift package to respect your budget. We will agree on a value per employee, and we will respect your budget.

We offer this service in the greater Montreal area, and for orders of up to 50 packages.

For larger orders, we ship packages through our delivery partners, and unfortunately cannot guarantee an exact date.

Absolutely! Your customers or employees will be delighted. We print personal cards to accompany your gifts.

Tell us the message to include, and we'll get it done.

Please leave your details here and we will get in touch with you.


You can reach us by email, see details on our contact page

Awww! You know, we just make it an extension of your ambitions. Without companies like yours that encourage local and responsible businesses, Samara & Co would not exist! Together we work on making a change.

Your partner in fostering eco-friendly connections.

Samara & Co. was born out of my desire to help sustainable development companies find their place in the world of digital commerce.

In January 2021, seeing the lack of human interactions we all had to face by working from home, I created the corporate program with the collaboration of a few friends from the firm Humance.

It was a Win-Win opportunity, strengthening the employee-employer bond while promoting brands that push the boundaries of sustainable development.

Samara & Co Story