At Samara & Co, your privacy and personal information are cared for and are important to us. We will never sell or rent your email address or any other information without your permission. Since the business world is eminently relational, we, of course, need to transmit certain information to be able to do business with you. For example, we need to know certain information and share it with Canada Post to deliver our products to you. If you have any questions regarding how your personal information is being used, we will gladly tell you why and its purpose.

The following privacy policy has been put in place by SAMARA & CO to explain how we protect your information.

What Type of Information is Collected by SAMARA & CO?

SAMARA & CO collects two types of information: personal information and public information. The type of information we collect depends on the nature of your relationship with us.

Personal information

Personal information is that which allows us to identify you as an individual. We may collect this personal information:


  • Your contact details - ex: name, postal address, telephone, email address
  • Your preferences - ex: your wish list, the language of use of the site, your agreement for promotional or marketing events (if applicable)
  • Your transactional information - ex: products purchased, method of payment, amount paid, credit card or debit card number (if applicable)


Public Information

Public information does not identify you as an individual. For example:

  • We collect specific data about your visiting habits or the type of browser you use. In any case, this data does not allow us to identify you personally;
  • We may also collect and aggregate statistical information that enables us to manage our website better. For example, the number of visitors, the time spent on particular pages or the most popular sections allow us to address our website to your needs better.


How is Your Personal Information Used?

SAMARA & CO may use certain personal information for different valuable purposes, for example:


  • Fulfill our duties directly related to your requests for products, services or information;
  • Assist you through our customer service to answer your questions, comments or other needs;
  • Conduct specific surveys to improve our services;
  • Measure and improve the effectiveness of our website and our marketing tools;
  • Detect and fight errors and fraud;
  • Track and analyze your purchasing preferences and other needs that lead you to visit our website;
  • Refine our content available online, or our in-store offers to meet your needs better;
  • Advertise the marketing of our products and services;
  • Provide information on our special events, promotions or surveys;
  • If you ask us to offer and promote certain products and services;
  • For any other reason explained in this privacy policy.


Does SAMARA & CO Share Your Information?

SAMARA & CO does not sell or rent the personal information of its customers to third parties. However, in the normal course of our business, we may share some of your personal information with our corporate family and third parties who work for us or as permitted or required by law.


Service Providers

SAMARA & CO may employ third parties to manage one or more aspects of its business operations, including personal information processing. When we use an outside company, we enter into contracts or use other appropriate means to ensure that your personal information is used in accordance with this privacy policy.

For example, we may share personal information with third parties who will perform services on our behalf: online order processing, non-cash payment processing, marketing communications, product maintenance, conducting surveys, verifying and validating the information you provide to us. have provided, delivered products and provided customer support services.

SAMARA & CO has taken steps to prevent the fraudulent use of your information on its websites. SAMARA & CO has adopted industry-standard authentication procedures to protect you when shopping online at its websites. This includes, but is not limited to, communicating with financial institutions or credit reporting agencies to verify your credit card's authenticity and validate your credit card billing data.

Your Consent

SAMARA & CO will only collect, use and share your information with your consent or if required by law. When you choose to share certain information, you agree that we will use it to the extent that we specify in this privacy policy.

Explicit Consent

At times, we will ask you explicitly for your consent. For example, by clicking on a box or confirming with a click. As the case may be, this explicit agreement allows us to send you a newsletter to proceed with your order to ensure that you have read our Terms of Use or our Privacy Policy.

Implied Consent

At other times, we obtain your implied consent when we can reasonably conclude that your actions allow us to perform specific tasks. Usually, this implied agreement appears when it is apparent that we need to share information (for example, with our delivery service, disclosing the nature of the product delivered and the postal address).

Withdraw Your Consent

You can contact us at any time to ask us to change your settings for using personal information. We will accede to your request to the extent that the law allows it or to the extent that our contractual obligations allow it.

If you have chosen to subscribe to one of our newsletters, we will always provide you with the opportunity to unsubscribe. Each newsletter contains a link allowing you to unsubscribe.

Aggregate Information on Usage Pattern

We record the browsing habits of all our visitors. This information includes the IP address, the type of browser used, the Internet service provider (ISP), the entry and exit pages, the type of platform, the date of the visit, your connection speed and the number of clicks.

We use this information in an aggregated form that allows us to evaluate it in the form of general statistics and reports specific to SAMARA & CO. We use this information to improve our website's experience constantly.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small text file stored on a user's hard drive. Depending on the configuration of your browser, when you use our site, we use cookies. However, cookies are not required to shop on our site. We use cookies to analyze the use of our website statistically. It can include the tracing of various information such as the date and time of the visit, the pages viewed and the addresses of references.

You can configure your browser to refuse or accept these cookies. Consult the Help file of your browser for more information and to know how to remove these cookies.

Information for Online Ordering and Security

When you place an order online, we only ask for the information needed to invoice and complete your order. We will then need to share certain information with our delivery companies and credit card companies. However, we only provide the information required for their operations. We may also use the information to contact you regarding your order.

The Security of our Website

We use appropriate security measures to protect your personal information against loss, theft, fraud or other unauthorized access. All personal information that you provide to SAMARA & CO is kept on a secure server. We use one of the most advanced technologies to secure our systems. The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol is used to encrypt and encode the information you send us during the ordering process. Encryption protects information such as credit card number, billing and shipping address. The protocol will then scramble this information before sending it to us. This information is only decoded when it reaches us, and we take all reasonable precautions to ensure the security of your information on our servers.


Update Member Information

Member information provided to SAMARA & CO may be updated by visiting our website

Newsletter Subscription

Newsletters are sent to all people and companies that have a commercial relationship with SAMARA & CO. By commercial link; we mean all persons or companies having carried out a transaction on the website of By accepting the conditions of transactions on the website, people and companies have tacitly consented to receive the SAMARA & CO newsletter. If you do not wish to receive these newsletters, click on "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email and follow the unsubscribe instructions.

Our database will never be sold, rented, loaned or given away. For users who want to update their information or unsubscribe, you can contact

We collect information in aggregate form to verify the open rate of emails, page views and sales generated by the newsletter. Aggregated data does not allow us to identify an individual personally.


If you wish to unsubscribe from our database, or if you no longer wish to receive our newsletters, contact

Fraud Prevention

SAMARA & CO operators reserve the right to cooperate with local, national or international authorities to prevent fraudulent operations. This cooperation may, in some instances, involve the sharing of certain personal information. If such an investigation requires this sharing of information, we may be compelled by law to cooperate. We also reserve the right to communicate with the authorities if such fraudulent transactions occur against us.


SAMARA & CO's pages may contain certain links to other sites or advertisements. This privacy policy applies to information collected on our sites. We are not responsible for the behaviour of other websites or third parties.

Access to Information

At your request, we can provide you with a summary of how we use your information, and this will explain the purposes for which we use it.

This page will be updated if we change our privacy policy.

Change to the Privacy Policy

SAMARA & CO may update this policy. We will notify you if a change occurs by putting a banner on the home page for a week after the change. You can also check for the latest update by visiting the Privacy tab. We also keep a history of all changes that will follow the policy published on December 10, 2019. All of these changes are naturally intended to comply with provincial and federal guidelines.