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Samara & Co is proud to welcome NudniK, a unisex children's clothing company whose mission is to reuse cuttings to give them a second life and thus counter waste. Produced from materials that would otherwise be destined to pollute the planet, NudniK ensures the preservation of the environment by limiting the growth of the large family of pollutants.

Towards Green Production

Each product is made from a natural fibre and "single material" allowing the products to be naturally decomposed, while being free of plastic and harmful chemicals. Our NudniK crush: the creation of a secondary market facilitating the sharing and reuse of undersized clothing.


Thinking about the planet while producing clothes for those who represent our future, a desire that is in line with the responsible consumption put forward by Samara & Co. Reducing textile waste, clothing made from 100% organic cotton and fiber made from recycled plastic, the future looks bright with NudniK!

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NUDNIK - T-Shirt PERTURBATEUR pour enfants - Coton bio recyclé - Couleurs variées - T-shirts | Samara & Co
NUDNIK - DISRUPTOR Tee for kids - Recycled Organic Cotton - Many colors
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  • $20.00