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Samara & Co visited Nexera and immediately understood how passionate the team is about doing things right and ensuring customer satisfaction. All Nexera furniture is designed and manufactured here, by local people and in partnership with other local companies. We are proud to present Nexera, who is committed to offering you locally fabricated furniture, available throughout North America, at competitive prices and with unique designs that were all born here!


Nexera cares about its environmental footprint and continues to develop increasingly responsible products, delivered locally throughout North America, made from recyclable materials and using processes that are both safe for its employees and the environment. Nexera has 2 important certifications:

FSC - Forest Stewardship Council, as products are made from FSC certified materials that come from responsible forest management and meet FSC environmental and social standards.

Carb II - California Air Resource Board, which means that Nexera products are made from panels that meet the CARB II standard and certify low formaldehyde emissions, i.e. a maximum level of 0.05 ppm.

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4 products found in Nexera

Atypik Bookcase
  • From $271.00
Atypik Drawer Storage and filing cabinet
  • From $311.00
Atypik Drawers Storage Desk
  • From $316.00
Atypik Open Storage Desk
  • From $239.00