Being part of the Samara & Co movement is a guarantee of authenticity on local, social and environmental values. We pay great attention to the choice of brands that join the movement.

We have established 12 selection criteria and each brand must meet a minimum of 5 criteria to join.

Quality of the raw material

  1. Locally sourced raw material
  2. Environmentally responsible raw material
  3. Organic, biodegradable or compostable ingredients

Social and environmental responsibility

  1. Involved in the community
  2. Gives back to the earth
  3. Is B Corp or in process
  4. Canadian Head Office
  5. Local R&D
  6. Local manufacturing
  7. Minimises the use of chemicals

Quality of packaging

  1. Plastic-free product packaging
  2. Responsible / biodegradable delivery material packaging

Does your brand/company meets our criteria? Contact us at

We love meeting new and innovative brands that share our values!