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Samara & Co reinvents employee recognition programs by showcasing value-driven small-medium size businesses for the good of the local economy and the planet.


Samara & Co wants to put an end to boring promotional items that have a ridiculously short shelf life. It offers companies thoughtful solutions that not only please, but also tell a story and value local designers. It ensures that the company's values and identity are well reflected and contributes to strengthening the employer's bond.


To be received as sincere, a token of appreciation cannot be trivial. This is a unique opportunity to position your brand. It is the time to send the right message with authenticity. Samara & Co has the expertise to curate solutions that will create this unforgettable moment.


Add your corporate colors to reinforce the message. We will wisely choose the items that will become a good vehicle for your brand. Samara & Co helps you personalize with style and environmental impact.


Not only does caring strengthen connections, it supports the local economy. With over 100 eco-friendly local brands to choose from, your positive impact will be felt on by local businesses throughout Canada.


Here are a few catalogs to inspire you - but that's not all! The magic happens when the experts at Samara & Co put their hearts into making your brand speak for itself...


Whether your want retail brands that give to causes you believe in, need products made from recycled material or would like to support a small business, we help you create gifts people feel good about.


Exiting your comfort zone can be both thrilling and intimidating. After all, a comfortable place is lovely, but nothing typically grows there.


Learn about Canada's "TOP" in 2023. Style, quality, and performance delivered by Canada's top brands in 2023. Brands that have a message to get across, and are innovating to help create a better world.


Un catalogue d'inspiration qui démontre comment un achat peut se transformer en contenu de marque. L'impact de vos achats est non seulement un gage d'appréciation mais aussi du contenu inspirant à repartager sur vos réseaux sociaux.


Understanding your business and culture

What message do you want to communicate to your employees, customers or partners?

Identify local and eco-friendly items that represent you

Why not a catalog? Because you are unique and so are we.


A story? A gift is meaningful and thoughtful. Each item has a purpose in a recognition package and we will tell the story for you.

Create / Strengthen links

Skeptical? Take the test and see the impact...


There are special moments when an organization can connect with its clients, employees and customers by sending them a token of appreciation. Samara & Co was born from the idea that these moments should be built on a sensible, environmentally friendly and stylish design.

We want to put an end to boring promotional items with a ridiculously short lifespan and offer companies solutions that reflect their values and identity.

At Samara and Co we will seek to create responsible solutions that strengthen corporate relationships with our stakeholders. Taking thoughtful actions in favor of the environment and the local economy are tangible actions that concretely reflect the values and principles of one's company.

Working with Samara & Co is supporting more than 100 local creators of innovative solutions for the environment.

- Catherine and Michèle, founders of Samara & Co



Because first impression count!
A strong bond is created when we take the time to think carefully about the emotions we want to generate when welcoming a new employee...

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Back to it

Welcome to the era of hybrid work! While companies are adapting to this new reality, some are reluctant to go back. Comfort has settled in at home. We must therefore innovate and brighten the experience!

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A souvenir is nice, but why not take this opportunity to remind our audience that we are taking concrete actions in favor of the environment and the local economy.

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Milestones are important moments in an employee's life, make sure it does not go unnoticed. This recognition gesture, when done lightly, can be meaningless. Create a stronger emotional relationship between you and your employees and show them how much you take the environment to heart.

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Some of our clients

Samara & Co has joined the B Corp community, a group of companies that use the power of business as a force for social, environmental and economic good. The B Corp model provides the best standards and processes that help ensure we are fulfilling our mission to transform the economy for the benefit of all people in communities and around the world.


Today, on my first day on the job, I found a nice surprise outside my door.
Thank you Agilia Solutions  for the welcome gift, made up of local and responsible products. A great way to feel welcome despite the distance.
Can’t wait to meet the whole team in the coming weeks.


OMG! I haven't even started with my new employer yet and they have already sent me a box full of cool products, not to mention that they are all eco-friendly! I think I made the right choice ;)


I received a surprise box from my employer with locally made and eco-responsible products, it’s not even Christmas! I wasn't expecting this, it feels good! I really had a blissful moment that made me smile for the rest of the day !! Thank you so much. You have your heart in the right place!