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We curate local eco-friendly brands for the well-being of the planet.

We really want to change the world

Our criteria for selecting the right brands:
Raw materials and ingredients - Commitment and responsibility - Representation and ownership - Packaging and end-of-life - Return programs

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SAMARA & CO wants the world to discover the finest Canadian eco-conscious brands. We also encourages innovation in sustainable consumption.

Icons that say it all

Samara & Co want more people to be able to access sustainable products that will ultimately help them consume less - fewer items, less plastic and fewer ingredients that are harmful to humans and the environment.


Leveraging Your Influence: Driving Positive Impact through Responsible Procurement

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Changing the world, one gift at a time

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The 5R’s of Sustainability: Practices for a durable lifestyle

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By buying Canadian brands, we're bringing back $40 billion into our Canadian economy.

10% of GHGs (greenhouse gases) are generated by the fashion industry.

Samara & Co is helping to support our local economy while offering you products that are good for the planet.

Join the movement.