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We curate local eco-friendly brands for the well-being of the planet.

Purchase with purpose

You want to consume better. SAMARA & CO wants to help you.
We have carefully selected over 100 local consumer and corporate brands according to our 12 sustainability criteria. So you can trust us. No greenwashing here!

You will discover products to fulfill your daily needs, in a responsible way.

Together, we can create a positive impact!

More than just an online store...
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SAMARA & CO wants the world to discover the finest Canadian eco-conscious brands. We also encourages innovation in sustainable consumption.

Icons that say it all

Samara & Co want more people to be able to access sustainable products that will ultimately help them consume less - fewer items, less plastic and fewer ingredients that are harmful to humans and the environment.


Leveraging Your Influence: Driving Positive Impact through Responsible Procurement

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Changing the world, one gift at a time

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The 5R’s of Sustainability: Practices for a durable lifestyle

This fight is divided into different actions, each as important as the other ones. Do you want to reduce your environmental impact and your waste c...

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By buying Canadian brands, we're bringing back $40 billion into our Canadian economy.

10% of GHGs (greenhouse gases) are generated by the fashion industry.

Samara & Co is helping to support our local economy while offering you products that are good for the planet.

Join the movement.