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Skin care revisited

For Eluo, the ritual of care passes through the attention we pay to the senses. Caring for and cleansing one's skin is much more than simply applying products, but rather a real understanding of the impact of products on the skin. And to enhance the experience, Eluo also offers a divine collection of masks and exfoliators, which we at Samara & Co. love!


Eluo's clay masks and facial scrubs are formulated with botanical ingredients rich in antioxidants, allowing the skin to regenerate, leaving it feeling fresh and looking great. Why clay? Because it has long been used to soothe the skin, promote healing and detoxify the body. It is a true multi-task ingredient that the Eluo team makes sure to choose carefully when composing its products. Coming directly from the earth, clay is the product of a unique mineral composition transformed by geography and environmental elements over time. It's hard to find a more natural ingredient!

6 products found in Eluo

Application brush - To Apply
  • $24.00
Forma Viridi - To Balance Skin
  • $54.00
Forma Rosea - Hydration
  • $54.00
Forma Floris -To Soothe the Skin
  • $54.00
Ceramic mask bowl - to mix
  • $50.00
Ritual set - To Mix
  • $120.00