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Abeego was invented to reduce drastically single-use plastic in the kitchen. It was created based on two founding principles. Firstly, it’s logical. It breathes. If living food needed to be wrapped in airtight wrap the rind, peel or skin would be airtight. It’s not. Secondly, it’s inspirational. It looks good, feels good, smells good and fosters a healthier relationship with food. Welcome to the future of food wrap.


Abeego is all natural. Every ingredient used comes from the earth and will return to it without a trace. Abeego lasts. Beeswax is valuable so we make Abeego durable. You’ll use it for a long time before replacing it.

4 products found in Abeego

ABEEGO - Biodegradable Food Wrap - 3 Variety
  • $18.00
ABEEGO - Biodegradable Food Wrap - 2 Large
  • $18.00
ABEEGO - Biodegradable Food Wrap - 3 Medium
  • $18.00
ABEEGO - Water resistant and Zero Waste Firestarters
  • $4.00