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The Unscented Company has helped redefine the concept of cleanliness by introducing a line of natural, unscented body and home products whose simplicity in no way affects effectiveness. Launched by Baléco in 2016, it is now available at more than 2,000 retailers worldwide and Samara & Co is proud to count it among the eco-responsible brands featured on its website.

No more plastic
Through its mission to reduce the collective plastic footprint, The Unscented Company wants to contribute to the global movement to ban single-use plastic packaging. Like Samara & Co, the company wants to encourage consumers to adopt a sustainable lifestyle by changing their consumption habits and changing industry standards.


As a B Corp. certified company since 2015, The Unscented Company is pleased to uphold the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility and hopes to set an example for its fellow employees in the community.

26 products found in Unscented Co.

Shampoo Bar
  • $13.99
Hand Sanitizer Gel
  • $15.75
Hair + Body Care Bundle
  • $40.00
All purpose cleaner
  • $5.75
Conditioner Bar
  • $13.99
Daily Conditioner
  • $13.99
Soap Bar - Box of 5
  • $19.99
Hand Sanitizer Gel - 3.78L Refill
  • $72.00
Daily Conditioner - 3.78L Refill Bottle
  • $69.99
Shower gel
  • $13.99
Shower gel - 3.78L Refill Bottle
  • $69.99
CONCENTRATED All Purpose - 3.78 L
  • $50.00