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SIMKHA is a Quebec brand that is specialized in the creation of natural, vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. It is due to her son's skin problems that Christel Muriel, founder of SIMKHA, decided to turn to natural products. In her search for the miracle treatment, she found it hard to find effective solutions and decided to test the home-made natural cosmetic recipes of her mother, a biology professor. This is how his first moisturising body butters were born, specially designed to soothe dry and sensitive skin. Her first line of creams that breathe nature and well-being were also born, with softness and a divine scent.


SIMKHA's mission and passion is to offer 100% natural skincare products, unique, original and high quality recipes, made only with organic and fair trade ingredients. They wish to offer healthy and effective alternatives to maintain beautiful, healthy skin. They are certified vegan, without animal cruelty and are committed to an eco-responsible approach to the sourcing of their materials. They favor points of sale that promote zero waste, health and respect for the environment.

7 products found in SIMKHA

Natural Lip Scrub
  • $8.00
SIMKHA - Nourishing natural body cocoa butter - ylang-ylang
  • $35.00
SIMKHA - Natural Moisturising Butter - Shea Butter and Aloe
  • $35.00
The clay masks
  • $42.00
Serenity floral bath salt
  • $20.00
Black African soap
  • $15.00
SIMKHA - Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm - multiple fragrance
  • $8.95