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Wash your dishes naturally and differently with the new line of Flonette household products. Inspired by zero waste products made in Europe and South America, Flonette created an eco-friendly, highly effective household cleaning line.

All products are phosphate-free!
You will note the absence of any chlorinated product in the magic powder, a great benefit to our environment.


Did you know?
All the ingredients are easily biodegradable except one: inorganic salt. The notion of biodegradability does not apply to inorganic salt. This salt is known to be harmless to the environment.

3 products found in Flonette

FLONETTE - The 'Cake Vaisselle' Refill - Solid Dish Soap
  • $13.99
FLONETTE -The 'Cake Vaisselle' - Solid Dish Soap
  • $19.99
FLONETTE - Magic Powder
  • $12.99