What a year...

A few weeks ago, I sent my mother I haven't seen in several months - thanks to COVID - a package full of local and eco-friendly brands. She was so happy. A very emotional moment, more than I could have imagined.

So I decided to make this opportunity available to everyone, so we could all please someone, in a "different" way. Whether it is for a loved one, an employee, a partner or a collaborator, we are all dealing with the same situation and we are all subject to the same rules of distancing. 

I offer you to create packages filled with local & eco-friendly products, chosen among more than 500 items available on Samara & Co, in Men's or Women's versions.

Here's what it means...

  1. You give us the quantity of gifts to prepare - Men & Women
  2. You give us a budget and a list of addresses
  3. We create your original gift boxes
  4. We prepare the design of your greeting card, print it, sign it on your behalf and add it to each package.
  5. We ship directly to each employee, partner or collaborator's home.
  6. You get the gratitude and recognition!

A great way to show that you are both encouraging the local economy and consuming in an eco-responsible way.

Please note that we can easily add a local alcohol or agri-food product to the package - we have all the partners to do so!

Voici une boîte préparée pour une entreprise - non, je ne suis pas photographe - mais je crois que ça vous donne une bonne idée...

As a source of inspiration... 



LADIES - $100

LADIES - $60

And this year, since the holiday season will be full of emotions - all kinds of emotions - we want to offer you the most out of ourselves. As much as it pleases us to receive, it pleases us to contribute to give.

Don't hesitate to contact us, it will be our pleasure to create a personalized offer for you.

We have all the necessary contacts to add a little festive Quebec brand alcohol!