Celebrate Earth Day... every day!


The year 2021 was declared the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development at the 74th United Nations General Assembly.

I like the expression “there is no planet B” and I also like to start an article with some facts …

  • In Canada, only 11% of plastic is recycled
  • We throw away enough Styrofoam annually to fill 208 Olympic swimming pools
  • In Canada alone, we use 2.8 billion plastic bags, which is the equivalent of going to the moon and back
  • We aim to recycle 85% of plastic by 2025

We care for Mother Earth; she is the most precious thing we have. Everyone must actively contribute to preserving it. The Earth is so precious and unique that it has its official day. Indeed, April 22nd is Earth Day. When was Earth Day established? What are the main activities organized for the occasion? What are some of the Quebec and Canadian companies that are Earth Day partners? Furthermore, how can we celebrate Earth Day daily? Samara & Co answers all your questions!

Earth Day’s Mission[1]

Although Earth Day has been celebrated in Quebec since 1995, it was first introduced in the United States in 1970. Through a strategic alliance with EarthPLAY, the environmental accompaniment programs carried out in Quebec now extend nationwide.

Since its first celebration, more than one billion people across 193 countries have celebrated Earth Day. Although summarized in only one sentence, Earth Day’s mission is magnificent: “to help people and organizations reduce their environmental impact.”

EARTHDAY.ORG offers a lot of relevant information about the environment. Moreover, I invite you to test your knowledge by answering a few quizzes. And no, I didn't get 100% but I learned a lot!:

Upcycled Foods Quiz

Whale Conservation Quiz

Protect Our Species Quiz

Climate Change Quiz

Oceans and Plastic Pollution Quiz

Earth Day Highlights

Although the pandemic is dramatically slowing down our lives, Earth is still on the move. Here are the two most popular Earth Day activities:

  • One Night on Earth
    As a virtual event, you will enjoy a unique evening with several personalities and committed artists. Throughout the evening, there will be a panel of discussion, arts, and music. The agenda of the 2021 edition will be online on April 7th.

  • Ceremonial Planting
    For 2021, the concept will be revised. The agenda for this event will be announced on Earth Day.

Are you interested in attending Earth Day events near your home or workplace? Or do you have a suggestion to make? Visit the Earth Day website. If there are no activities in your area, you can use the activities listed on the website as inspiration; for example, clean up your neighborhood’s schoolyard, take a walk in the woods and pick up trash, etc. For some additional and excellent ideas, visit the United Nations' website, under the "Start with ten simple actions!" section.

It is essential to encourage the local economy, but it is even more essential to encourage local green businesses.

Earth Day’s Corporate Partners

It is essential to encourage the local economy, but it is even more essential to encourage local green businesses. As part of Earth Day, we are proud to highlight the initiatives of two corporate partners of the event, IGA and the TD Bank.

In 2008, the Fonds Éco IGA was founded by the IGA grocers of Quebec and New Brunswick and is since managed by Earth Day. Each year, one million dollars is invested in this fund with the aim of promoting responsible consumption.[2] :

The TD Bank has set up its Vibrant Planet program and the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. This program’s objectives are divided into “Green spaces” and “Low-carbon economy.” Notably[3]

  • Since 1990, TD Bank has contributed to the planting of one million trees in North America.
  • Since 2006, TD Bank has financed low-carbon businesses to the extent of several billion dollars.

Furthermore, TD Bank was the first bank in North America to achieve carbon neutrality; and in 2007, TD Bank was named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers. Therefore, if you want to do business with an environmentally responsible bank, TD Bank is an exciting option.

tree planting

Earth Day, 365 Days a Year

April 22nd is not the only day we must take care of our Earth; we must do environmentally responsible actions daily. April is usually the perfect month for spring cleaning. This year, for the occasion, why not buy eco-friendly cleaning products made by local companies?

At Samara & Co, we have many environmentally responsible products to help you make your home cleaning green. Goodbye, irritating chemical odors; hello, sweet and pleasant scents! Here are some suggestions:

  • All-purpose Cleaning Tablet: you have several unused plastic bottles? Pour 500 ml of water into a bottle, drop in a cleaning tablet, let it dissolve, and voilà! You have a natural, vegan, and biodegradable all-purpose product, ideal for all surfaces. On top of that, this product is made in Quebec!

  • Compostable Cleaning Sponges: made of natural cellulose and dishwasher safe, our sponges are fully biodegradable in just two months! They are perfect for washing dishes or cleaning your counters (why not using them with our all-purpose cleaner!). Available in two sizes (small or large) and three colors.

  • Natural Dryer Balls: made from natural South American wool (from freely-roaming sheep), these balls can be used for more than 500 dryings! Eco-friendly and gentle on the fabric, they are the perfect alternative to liquid and sheet fabric softeners. Furthermore, they prevent static and reduce drying time by 25%! The ideal solution for cloth diapers and sensitive skin.

While you are at it, be sure to check out our online store so that you can celebrate Earth Day... every day!

All-purpose Cleaning Tablet

Samara & Co will proudly help you get on board!



1* Earth Day’s Official Page – Quebec: https://earthday.ca/organization/mission/
2* Fonds Éco IGA: https://www.iga.net/en/in_the_community/environment/fonds_eco_iga
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