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Samara & Co. has chosen to present the Atoca line of cosmetics that features the active ingredients of the cranberry, a super fruit at the heart of Quebec's natural heritage. The company manufactures its own products in its laboratory located in Montreal. It has full control over the manufacturing processes, the choice and source of its ingredients and the packaging used in order to ensure the sustainable nature of its activities. Atoca values non-toxic, non-polluting and local ingredients. We love it!


Atoca is redefining our relationship with packaging by offering natural and eco-friendly cosmetic products that you can truly trust. There is no such thing as a perfectly green product, which is why Atoca makes no claim to being perfect. However, the team is always on the lookout for the most sustainable solutions and doesn't hesitate to start from scratch if this allows it to offer greener products.

19 products found in ATOCA

ATOCA - Duo face bright complexion: argan oil and mask - pineapple & cranberry
  • $34.00
ATOCA - Natural and waste-free shampoo and conditioner duo
  • $34.00


ATOCA - 2 natural and compostable lip balms
  • $16.00
  • $14.00
ATOCA - Soothing face mask - oats & spirulina
  • $20.00
ATOCA - Natural Mango butter and cinnamon soap bar
  • $9.00
ATOCA - Illuminating natural face mask - pineapple & cranberry
  • $20.00
ATOCA - Natural Face Cleansing oil - argan & cranberry
  • $25.00
ATOCA - Soothing face duo: argan oil and oatmeal & spirulina mask
  • $34.00
ATOCA - Natural Cranberry infused argan oil
  • $16.50
ATOCA - Hydrating natural solid Shampoo - Horsetail & Tangerine
  • From $10.00
ATOCA - Natural zero waste solid conditioner - orange
  • From $10.00
ATOCA - Natural Deodorant - Bergamot & Cocoa
  • From $12.50