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Demain Demain is a Quebec-based manufacturer specializing in eco-friendly items made from RecyPul™. Exclusive textile is knitted and printed in Montreal, from recycled water bottle fiber. Specializing in reusable bags.

Bags are perfect for lunch boxes, sandwiches or snacks. Use them at daycare, school, the office or on the road. Going green and replacing single-use plastic bags has never been easier! It also offers roll-up placemats, large waterproof wetbags, tote bags and pot holders. The liners are made from fishing nets and other plastics recovered from the oceans.


100% local. Always pretty. Zero compromise. At Demain Demain, every item is designed with the same three core values that have driven us since our inception: fairness, equality and environmental integrity.

Everyone involved, from the artist to the seamstress, are fueled by the desire for a job well done!

Every cut, every seam, every zipper is made and assembled in Quebec with the greatest pride. Designing unique products that will follow you for years. In addition, the materials are food grade and are designed without BPA, lead or PVC.

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DEMAIN DEMAIN - Tote bag - made from recycled plastic bottles • Paper flowers by Myriam Van Neste
  • $42.00
DEMAIN DEMAIN - Tote bag - made from recycled plastic bottles • Maximilien
  • $35.00