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Dinette Nationale was founded in 2010 by two friends, Catherine and Erica. At the time, Erica was already making raplapla dolls. But from continually engaging in some slightly crazy culinary experiments invariably involving a wood fire and a bottle of red Jura... the idea for Dinette Nationale sprouted.

With her certificate in pastry making in one hand and an inspiring (foundational) apprenticeship with an MOF chocolatier-confectioner in Jura in the other, Catherine has since been operating the only artisanal confectionery in Montreal. A craftsmen of sweets, made one by one with care.


All the stages of the manufacturing our products are thought out; our moves and our choices are conscious. We favor short circuit suppliers. We work to honor the flavors of our homeland: fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs and mushrooms that grow all over Quebec. We choose high-quality ingredients, produced in a way that is respectful of the environment and labor. They are locally sourced as often as possible.

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DINETTE NATIONALE - Caramel Quinoa puffs with tamari pumpkin seeds - made in Québec
  • $9.25
DINETTE NATIONALE - Caramel Spread • Fleur de Sel - No Preservatives
  • $11.00