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Giving plastic bottles a second life? This is exactly the mission that Hub1916 has given itself through its sportswear collection. This initiative of recycling and circular economy in the fabric design process is perfectly in line with our vision at Samara & Co. We are very proud to feature a company that is committed to reducing its use of new oil and therefore its greenhouse gas emissions.

Reveal the Athlete in You!
Hub1916's talented team of designers and textile engineers design the styles and produce the items. Its members make it a point of honor to push the limits of the industry while guaranteeing the highest level of durability and integrity. We love their well-designed garments, perfect for all types of sportsmen and women. No wonder you'll find a few pieces of them in our closets!


In 2020 alone, Hub1916 recycled more than 500,000 plastic bottles to produce its collections. Thanks to their teams located in Old Montreal as well as in Lima, Peru, the company is able to control the entire production chain, from design to final product delivery. Like Samara & Co, join the movement by encouraging companies who wish to positively influence their community to take concrete actions to eliminate the production of single-use plastic. The future looks green, and we're happy to contribute in our own way!

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