Corporate gifts that make a real difference !

Choose to offer a gift that makes a real difference on your employees or clients, small businesses and the environment!

Samara & Co was born out of the desire to make a difference and create a positive impact on the world. To do so, our main mission is to promote local and sustainable consumption by offering a multitude of quality products designed and manufactured by eco-responsible Canadian companies, all in one place: our online eco-store! But our project does not end there ...

In order to generate an even greater impact and reach as many people as possible, our team has also started a corporate gifts program. A great way to introduce local brands and products. And an ideal solution for companies that want to strengthen the bond with their employees while promoting the local economy as well as their commitment towards sustainability.

Samara & Co’s difference for your Corporate Eco-friendly Gifts!

Do you want to thank your employees or your clients? Show them that you care about them and the environment? Let our team help you! Contact us to learn more about our 100% personalized gift program.

This year, why not offer gifts that will really please those who receive them (trust us, we speak from experience!) while promoting local brands that push the limit of sustainable development?

Samara & Co offers you the opportunity to bring a significant value to your next corporate gifts by choosing local, eco-friendly products that will have a guaranteed positive impact on your employees, clients or partners as well as small businesses! Because there is nothing better than offering gift boxes that represent your company while respecting the environment and supporting the local economy. Interested? We have several options that will please you!

Also know that to support our shared environmental values, all of our gift boxes are packaged and delivered in an eco-responsible way.

Gifts that represent you!

Our corporate gifts are 100% customizable. What do we mean by that? We adapt each gift box to achieve your vision while respecting your budget. Trust our team to help you define the best added value to achieve your ideas and goals!

Which do you think is more expensive? 4-5 articles conceived and made in Canada following ethical and sustainable values or 8-10 articles coming from really far away? Well.. It's the same price! But the local option is with no doubt more original in addition to positioning you as an employer who cares about the planet and the people!

Want to make your gift unique? Samara & Co also offers the option of personalizing your gifts with the addition of personalized cards, messages or accessories. Just let us know what you have in mind!

Here are some examples of Samara & Co corporate gift boxes that our team has helped create, personalize and send over in the past year.

1. Welcome” gift box

What better way to welcome a new employee than to surprise them with a gift box filled with local eco-responsible items? Beanies, sweaters, organic cotton t-shirts, 100% recycled paper notebooks, ceramic mugs and more… all made in Quebec and personalized with your company colors! Ideally complemented by local artisan snacks, your new Welcome Gift Box will have a major and positive impact on the integration of your new employees!

2. “Gourmet relaxation” gift box

Offer a moment of relaxation to your employees to show them that you value their physical and mental well-being! To do so, nothing better than a gift box filled with local body care products and delicious sweets. Happy employees guaranteed!

3. “All Natural” gift box

A gift box filled with natural body care products that everyone just loves! Why not encourage your employees to take care of themselves.. You will thank us later ;)

4. “Self-Care” gift box

During the winter season, cozy gifts are always highly appreciated. Your employees will be delighted to drink a good coffee wrapped in a cozy blanket made in Quebec. Even better with a side of invigorant essential oils and moisturizing body butter!

5. “For Him” gift box

Giving gifts to men isn't always easy. But don't worry, we got you covered with this set containing all the essentials for a perfect men's grooming routine. Trust us, they will be delighted!

6. “Personalized” gift box

Thank your own way by offering a gift box with personalized items. And while you’re there.. Why not add some local treats that always make people happy!

Samara & Co’s gift box is much more than a simple gift ... It’s offering an opportunity to discover quality, eco-responsible Canadian products and brands while reinforcing your commitment towards sustainability and local development.

Choose to offer a gift that makes a real difference on your employees or clients, small businesses and the environment!

Ready to make an impact? Contact us today to create your unique corporate gifts projects.