Sustainable lifestyle :
actions to build a better future

Are you familiar with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals also known as Global goals?

These goals were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a global call to action to achieve a better and more sustainable future. They respond to the global challenges we are currently globally facing by wanting to end poverty and inequality, protect the planet and address climate change as well as ensure prosperity, peace and justice for all by 2030 [1]

These goals are a source of inspiration for Samara & Co when it comes time to reflect on our values ​​and our partnerships. With our main objective to promote local and eco-responsible consumption, Samara & Co works exclusively with Canadian brands that have the desire to make a real difference. It's our way of contributing to something bigger than ourselves and giving meaning to our project!

Need inspiration to switch to sustainable habits or want to make a difference every day? Here are some examples of concrete actions taken each year by some of our partners as well as some tips so that you can also help transform our world into a better one!

1. No Poverty: The first goal is to eradicate poverty in all its forms and everywhere in the world. With over 700 million people, or 10% of the world's population, living in extreme poverty today and still struggling to meet their basic needs, it is time to make choices that support economic development for all [1]

Choose to support companies that are offering good work and life conditions to their workers. Abbott Design scarves are luxurious alpaca scarves, hand-woven by artisans who earn fair wages and live in healthy and prosperous communities! Find out where your purchases are coming from and try to support companies that do good to people.

Another easy way to help is to donate what you no longer use to non-profit organizations or shelters that help people in need. Look for the best options around you and choose to give back rather than to throw away what can still be used. What no longer serves you could go a long way for someone else.

2. Zero Hunger: With 8.9% of the world's population still suffering from hunger, the second goal is to achieve Zero Hunger [2].

You can make a difference by reducing or completely eliminating food waste in your home. To help keep your food fresh for longer, wrap it in Abeego’s reusable beeswax food wrap. Their mission is simple: keep food alive to end food waste in pursuit of food for all !

Through their previous charity partner Feeding Children Everywhere, Scoria World provided an equivalent of 151,800 meals to people in need. Scoria continues to make a positive difference by donating a portion of every purchase to Right To Play's Promoting Life-Skills in Aboriginal Youth program [3].

3. Good Health and Well-Being: Enabling everyone to live a healthy life and promoting the well-being of each person no matter their age are essential conditions for the sustainable development of society. Adopting a healthy, active lifestyle is a simple way to take a step towards a healthier world. Besides being good for you, your actions could have a positive influence on those around you!

Keep yourself, your family and your fellow citizens healthy by choosing products without parabens or other endocrine disruptors. Inspiring locals brands like BKIND, Idoine, Bleu Lavande, Boréalie and Herb Market Botanical make it super easy by offering you quality natural products without harmful ingredients that can be bad for the health or the environment.

4. Quality Education: The fourth objective is to ensure that everybody can receive a quality education no matter where they are from. Support education as well as the development of our society by encouraging companies that support access to education for all.

SCOLOCO is committed to the next generation by offering practical learning opportunities. Through the management activities of SCOLOCO, the students of Collège Sainte-Anne have real experiences in business which contribute to their learning and skills development [4].

5. Gender Equality: Gender equality is not only a fundamental right, it is also a necessary foundation to ensure a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

Advocate for gender equality and women’s empowerment by supporting businesses founded and led by women. Among our partners, the brand BLUME is proudly represented by an all-female team. Other companies like Joni, Unscented Co, BKIND, Kliin and Samara & Co are also authentic local brands that were founded and are still owned and run by a female majority.

SIMKHA is a beautiful example of a company that is committed to women's empowerment and gender equity. They are supporting organizations such as Mothers with Power Foundation, which helps young single-mom, by giving a part of all purchases in the form of donations. SIMKHA also contributes to fair trade and women’s empowerment by sourcing some of their ingredients directly from the women who produce them [5].

6. Clean Water and Sanitation: Did you know that water scarcity affects over 40% of the world's population [1]? Live more sustainably today by reducing your water consumption to conserve it as much as possible. Start by turning off the tap when you brush your teeth or when you wash yourself in the shower. Reducing your meat and plastic consumption will also help save water since their production both use astronomical quantities of clean water.

To reduce pollution in all waterways, never pour toxic chemicals into the toilet or the sink. Choose products that are made from simple and natural ingredients instead of harmful chemicals. Unscented Co has redefined the notion of cleanliness by introducing a line of natural unscented body and home products whose simplicity does not in any way affect their effectiveness.

7. Affordable and Clean Energy: Clean and affordable energy can help transform the future of our planet. Help everyday by turning off lights when you exit a room, by covering pots and pans when cooking, and by turning off or unplugging electrical appliances when you are not using them. These are small and easy actions that can make a big difference.

By creating minimalist products and packaging, TruEarth has shown that it is possible to drastically reduce energy consumption in transport and production. Since its creation, TruEarth inspires big change towards more sustainable actions!

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth : Promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth is necessary to achieve a better world. If you realize it or not.. each of your choices has an impact on the world of tomorrow. In order for it to be positive, support companies that create decent employment opportunities and promote a global economic growth.

In order to give back and help, Samara & Co decided to donate 1% of its annual sales to a Canadian eco-friendly company. This initiative was put in place so that purchases would have a purpose by supporting the growth of a company that wants to do good.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure: In order to support a prosperous future, it is important to promote sustainable industries and encourage innovation. Support environmentally friendly infrastructure and businesses that are using sustainable resources.

The “La Feuille Verte” (CHANV and Chempion) team is aware that research and development are necessary in order to bring innovative and caring products to the market. Their team is committed to study cannabinoids and terpenes in order to bring superior quality products from Quebec in the coming years [6]

10. Reduced Inequalities: Inequalities are still very present between and within countries. In order to make our world a better place, support marginalized and disadvantaged people.

An inspiring example from one of our partners is the concrete action taken by Bela Peko. Their production is based on a partnership with subcontracted companies, one of which hires people with functional limitations so that they can help the business succeed [7].

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities: Each of us can help to make our city and community more sustainable. From today, make informed decisions and discuss with your fellow citizens about the actions that can be implemented to help your city and community strive.

Did you know that since the start of 2020, several municipalities in Quebec have encouraged the purchase of sustainable hygiene products such as Mme Lovary and Öko Créations products? They are offering different types of subsidies to citizens to help them pay the cost of the reusable products. What a great way to encourage more sustainable habits!

12. Responsible Consumption and Production: Our fast-paced lifestyles have a huge impact on the environment... Establishing more sustainable consumption and production habits is therefore fundamental in order to see real positive changes.

Buying products made from recycled materials is a great way to consume responsibly and support a more eco-friendly production. Demain Demain’s reusable bags made from recycled plastic and Terra Organica’s bags made from recycled leather and fabrics are good examples of quality products made sustainably by using less.

13. Climate Action: Now more than ever, it is time to take action on climate change! Buying local products is an easy way to reduce your CO2 emissions. In addition to having a positive impact on the environment, you will stimulate the local economy by encouraging the growth of small businesses. In order to facilitate your sustainable and local purchases and therefore help you reduce your footprint, Samara & Co offers a multitude of authentic Canadian brands, all in one place!

Another good example of a local company fighting climate change is Oneka. Besides using organic ingredients from its garden, Oneka bases its agricultural production on permaculture which is respectful of the environment.

14. Life Below Water: The respectful management of the oceans, seas and marine resources is vital for a sustainable future. The best way to quickly help is to reduce your plastic consumption by switching to reusable products. Adopt sustainable habits now, most changes can be done really easily!

Nowa and FILO are both companies offering sustainable alternatives to cleaning products by concentrating them in small tablets and bars. Their products are sold without plastic bottles and water, but are still as, if not more, effective to help you clean your home!

15. Life On Land: The preservation and restoration of the ecosystems are important issues to take into consideration to ensure a viable future for all.

A simple way to help achieve this goal is to choose products with a smaller ecological footprint such as compostable items. Ola Bamboo is a super example of a brand that offers many eco-friendly alternatives to plastic products and containers.

Besides offering some of their products in compostable packaging, ATTITUDE is making a difference with a reforestation program in collaboration with two non-profit organizations specializing in reforestation, Eden Reforestation Projects and One Tree Planted. For every product purchased, ATTITUDE plants a tree to help reforestation all around the globe [8].

16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions: Promoting peaceful, open and supportive societies is necessary to support the sustainable development of our society. In this sense, it is more than essential to support a favorable social environment for all.

Fig Clothing supports this goal by donating fabric to nonprofits organization Textil’Art. This community reintegration organization offers professional training to women so that they can acquire the skills and confidence to work [9].

17. Partnership for the Goals: Samara & Co partners with local eco-responsible companies to achieve common goals. All the brands that are on our online store are inspiring companies wanting to make positive social and environmental changes.

Let's work together and join forces to achieve a better future!

And don't forget that your choices always have an impact. Choose options that are viable and sustainable for everyone by supporting companies that work toward making a real difference!

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